Water damage restoration is the process where a property damaged by water is restored to its pre-disaster condition. The damage can amount up to any level; restoration services will restore the property to the way it was before the damage. The United States government still does not have any regulations to guide the process of restoration. However, there do exist some standard precautions and care laid out by two agencies, the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IIRC) and the RIA. Most of the water damage restoration agencies you will find will follow IIRC procedural standards. These standards do not teach procedures for water damage restoration. Rather, they are a comprehensive guidelines for safe and proper restoration practices. These guidelines show water damage categorization based on the level of contamination present in the source of water. Category 1 is water from a clean source. Category 2 is water with mild level of contamination that can cause discomfort if consumed. Category 3 water is extremely contaminated.

When you apply for a West Chester water restoration, the professionals document everything that was damaged. They calculate the value of lost property through industry standard pricing guide. It helps them to determine the extent of the services they need to provide. Generally, these services include inspection of damaged area, finding the source of damage and possible extent of affected area. Restoration services cover drying, sanitization and deodorization. Follow-up is done after a few days of restoration to make sure everything is in order.