Tile & Hard Surface Cleaning

tile and hard surface cleaningCeramic tile, marble, granite—these are all materials that add value and beauty to any home or business. With a myriad of colors and designs, they enhance the look of counters, walls, and floors. And with proper care and maintenance, these hard surfaces will hold their original color and sheen for years. The challenge arises when it comes to cleaning them yourself, as most products you might use do not provide the results you want. Over time, contaminants build up, and dirt and spills get trapped in porous tile and grout lines, making cleaning these surfaces nearly impossible.The next time you want to clean your tile and fine stone surfaces, call Wright Restoration Services. We provide residential and commercial tile and hard surface cleaning and restoration services. Wright Restoration Services are the professionals you need to fully clean and restore the tile, grout, and other hard surfaces in your home or business. We extend their life and restore them to their original look and beauty.Wright Restoration Services is a family-owned business located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. We have been serving residential and commercial clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware since 2002. Contact Wright Restoration Services today at (610) 435-7669, and we will bring our tile and hard surface cleaning and expertise to you.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Whatever the surface, our experts provide superior results when it comes to:

  • Sanitizing the tile and grout work in a restaurant kitchen.
  • Restoring bathroom counters in an apartment.
  • Resuscitating ceramic tile floors in a kitchen.
  • Beautifying granite counters in an upscale hotel bathroom.
  • Cleaning a stone foyer to enhance the original design and color.
  • Deep cleaning grout in showers and on tile floors.

hard surface cleaningWright Restoration Services is licensed, bonded, and insured. We adhere to the standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. All our qualified technicians are all IICRC certified and possess a variety of additional industry-specific certifications. We remain current on all certifications and follow the latest cleaning and preservation industry research and advances in technology.

We employ a variety of tile and hard surface cleaning techniques and methods to ensure you get the best results, including:

  • Use of industry-grade, truck-mounted equipment for professional performance and results
  • Utilization of product-specific cleaners to properly care for all your tile and stone surfaces
  • Deep cleaning to extract ground-in or deeply penetrated dirt
  • Safe but effective products and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Restoring just the right level of sheen and shine for the type of stone or tile in place
  • Use of green cleaning products that are safe for the environment, people, and pets

Professional Tile Cleaning

For the best results each time, Wright Restoration Services team of professionals follows a specific tile and hard surface cleaning process:

  • Identify the grout or hard surface material to be cleaned—ceramic tile, marble, granite, stone, etc.—and examine the entire wall/floor/counter area to look for stains, spots, buildup of grime and dirt, areas of discoloration and other problems
  • Based on our initial assessment, develop a plan that utilizes the most appropriate cleaning agent and method.
  • Pre-treat areas that are especially discolored or dirty, using all safe products.
  • Put our hot-water cleaning and rinsing process to work using high-pressure and high-heat-steam cleaning to sanitize, neutralize, and deodorize your tile, stone, and grout.
  • To maintain grout cleanliness and color, and to protect it against spills, stains, and mildew, apply a long-lasting sealant.

Over time, spills, contaminants, and dirt settle into porous grout, tile, and fine stone causing them to look faded and discolored. Regular cleaning is a must to maintain the original look and beauty of the hard surface features in your home or business. Contact Wright Restoration Services today at (610) 435-7669 for all your residential and commercial tile and hard surface cleaning needs.