Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding often occurs without warning. It causes significant property damage to homes and businesses. What’s more, structural elements, walls, floors, personal belongings and furniture can also be damaged. Burst pipes, excessive rainfall, improper drainage, broken appliances, sewer line backups—the list goes on—can all cause flood damage to your property. No matter the reason for the flood, contact a flood damage restoration company right away. Only a professional who specializes in flood damage restoration has the expertise and experience to properly treat flood water in your home or business, and perform the appropriate cleanup that restores your property to its pre-flood-damage condition while also restoring your peace of mind.

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Wright Restoration Services provides flood damage restoration services. We understand the significant impact a flood can have on your home or business, and have the expertise to handle any flood problem. Our family-owned business is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and has been serving residential and commercial clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware since 2002. We are available to take your emergency call 24/7, and our technicians arrive on site in one hour or less to begin work cleaning and restoring your property from whatever type of damage you may have sustained from flooding. Our commitment to you—our client—means you receive nothing less than quality work and superior customer service.

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Flood Restoration Service

Our expert technicians perform a thorough flood water extraction and cleanup process, taking all safety precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

  • We conduct an initial assessment of the area that includes identifying the source of entry of the water and taking steps to prevent further water entry – which contains the flooding and minimizes the possibility of further damage to your property.
  • Next, we categorize the type of flood water that has invaded your property by identifying the source of the water and the various levels of contaminants that may be present. Proper categorization is critical so we select the appropriate extraction and cleaning method.
  • Our full assessment of the flood damage includes determining the amount of flooding that occurred and the level of dampness—in floors and carpeting, water absorption or stains on walls, and dampness of porous surfaces such as brick or concrete.
  • Standing flood water extraction is done using professional-grade truck-mounted equipment and submersible pumps that remove the water directly to our truck. Once the water is removed we check for areas where the potential exists for mold to grow, and take appropriate steps to ensure an infestation does not occur.
  • We carefully inspect all property contents for water damage, including personal belongings and building materials – salvaging what can be cleaned and restored, and properly disposing of items that cannot be restored.
  • Specialized equipment including dehumidifiers and heat dryers are used to thoroughly dry the affected area—building materials, flooring (including hardwood)—and ensure moisture and humidity levels meet the building’s dry standards. With our moisture-mapping techniques and professional equipment, we monitor and measure the amount of moisture saturation in the air, and track those measurements throughout the entire drying period.
  • Using environmentally safe products and practices, we thoroughly clean and disinfect the area, including taking steps to remove dank, musty odors that sometimes occur with flooding.
  • We take whatever steps are necessary to restore areas of your property that sustained structural or other damage. Our goal is to restore your property to its pre-flood-damage condition, and to do so with minimal disruption.

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Flood Damage Repair

Wright Restoration Services is licensed, bonded, and insured. We adhere to the standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, and our qualified technicians are all IICRC certified. They possess a variety of additional certifications—including water damage restoration. We remain current on all certifications and follow the latest restoration and preservation industry research and advances in technology.

We go the extra step as well, communicating and collaborating with insurance companies and helping to make the claims process as seamless as possible for our customers. In order to provide the necessary proof of loss to substantiate your claim, we document our entire process, including taking photos, and submit our quote for services directly to the insurance company.

Flooding in your home or business can range from a small amount of water in a corner to flooding that is several inches deep. Regardless of the extent of flood water damage you’ve experienced, contact Wright Restoration Services at (610) 435-7669 immediately. Our trained technicians will be onsite within an hour to provide the flood water extraction and cleanup services you need.call now

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